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Summer Bridge Activities: Bridging Grades Prekindergarten To Kindergarten

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Bridging Grades Prekindergarten

Rainbow Bridge Publishing

Author: Michele D Van Leeuwen
Package Quantity: 1

Looking to buy an ideal kids book? Pick up a copy of : Bridging Grades Prekindergarten by Michele D Van Leeuwen. The author is Michele D Van Leeuwen and it was published on the 4th of January, 2010 by Rainbow Bridge Publishing. The kids book is 160 pages long. For additional details on this kids book, visit our store link on this site.

Prevent summer locating out loss with our award-winning, best-selling summer learning series! With 12 weeks worth of activities, Summer Bridge Activities TM is the perfect strategy to keep expertise sharp all summer long! Summer Bridge Activities TM: Bridging Grades Prekindergarten to Kindergarten reinforces essential skills across the curriculum and helps prepare young children for kindergarten.


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